Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Money in the bank

Ok so the money in the bank is set with these strapping superstars:

CM Punk, Kane, Mark Henry, Finlay, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston and Christian. Thank goodness that Kofi and Christian got in to somewhat save this "Hammer" like line up. So here is my prediction to win it... Christian, yeah I said it to give himself a re-birth into the WWE so hopefully he can start fueding with Matt, Jeff, and Edge. Butt rumor has it Vince isn't in love with Christian so that could fizzle but I'm sticking with it.

**"Hammer"- Means crappy, or the art of sucking completely.

My superstar of the blog posting today is Jimmy Wang Yang, the asian cowboy!! P.S. This has nothing to do with James Dang, the asian sensation.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wrestlemania Thoughts and WWE jazz

First i'd like to complain about the money in the bank ladder match, its turning out to be a complete joke. CM Punk was okay but Kane? Seriously the big red retard, come on. Then Miz-ark Henry, what in the bluest of blue hells is WWE thinking here? ECW's announcer Matt Striker finally got something right by saying they're going to have to reinforce the ladders, these competitors aren't the least bit agile and will probably die if they fall off a ladder. With that being said rumor has it over the next week or so MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Finlay will be added to the list, what a joke!! Now only 2 spots remain i'm thinking Vladimir Coleslaw and Jamie Noble will be added to the list, if they keep with the theme of losers in the match.

In other sad news it was reported that WWE released the coolest superstar ever, The Boogeyman, how stupid! Keep him around to scare Santino or something don't release him.

Also there is a 25 diva royal rumble or something happening at WM25, I'm pulling for Mae Young to pull off the victory via bronco buster, if not it already sounds lame.

Alrighty so on the the predictions. Wrestlemania is shaping up to be huge and i'm feeling a little lucky so i'm going to make some bold predictions and throw them on here for a little proof.

First Matt and Jeff Hardy will square off against each other and i'm feeling a Jeff Hardy victory
Next the diva match like I said I'm feeling Mae Young.
Then the Undertaker vs. HBK, its too easy- Deadman
Legend vs. Chris Jericho, whomever fights Chris shall win
Money in the Bank, last year I picked CM and felt proud but I'm gonna hold off on choosing until the match is set.

Well thats all for now but I'll update every so often until Wrestlemania!

Here are my superstars of the blog posting, Jesse and Festus!! It reminds me of Jessssssie B. and his secret love for Festus, he once told me he wishes he was "Jesse" so he could always be with Festus!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Final Blog

This semester I learned alot about technology in this class. My favorite thing that we used is Google Docs, I loved it. I used it on every essay after we learned about it and I enjoyed the instant changes that were made by my peers. Plus it was an easy way to save my work and not worry about a malfunction with my jump drive or something, it was right on google! The wiki pages were also nice. I learned more about creating web pages and it was a fun way to get information and do work. Wikis are great ways for group projects to be done, since your whole group can be working on it at the same time on different computers. Then these blogs that we do I also enjoyed. I liked the freedom to complete work at home or where ever and the 12:00 midnight deadlines. I liked working with all the new technology in this class it brought a change to the regular boring paper assignments, I just hope we use this next semester in Mrs. Neumanns class.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daggers in mens smiles

The statement "there are daggers in mens smiles" by Macbeth is experienced all the time. I'm an avid follower of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and thats where my experience comes from. WWE, superstar and "good guy" Shawn Michaels is having money trouble so he went to money investor, fellow wrestler and "bad guy" John Bradshaw Layfield for help. John said he would supply Shawn with more than enough money if he comes to work with him. Shawn accepts this job, not knowing what would be in store for him. Shawn really has no choice he says that the recent issues with the economy are forcing him to do this. Shawn also won't accept money from friends saying that he doesn't want this money issue to be a burden on their friendship. All the while a sly, sinnister grin is on the face of John, everyone knows something is up. Shawns job is to make sure John wins all of his matches and if he does so he will keep raking in the cash. In the following weeks there is a tournament set up, the tournament consists of 4 matches, the winner goes on. Shawn fought first and picked up the win against Kane. Next up was Rey Mysterio vs. John Bradshaw Layfield, Rey had the match practically won when Shawn came down and hit John disqualifying Rey making John win. Fast foward to the next round, its a "Fatal Four-Way" where the 4 winners all have a match eliminating competitors by pinfall, esentially 4 go in, 1 comes out. The winner of this match will have a chance for the title, facing WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena at the Royal Rumble event in 2 weeks! The match begins and the first two competitors are eliminated, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton. This leaves Shawn to face John. Once again this nasty smile appears on Johns face and he tells Shawn to lay down and get pinned. After a while of standing Shawn reluctantly lays down and gets pinned giving John the title shot in 2 weeks. So what i'm saying is Shawn didn't know taking this job would lead to this, that smile on John was the "dagger" so to speak in Shawns dream of becoming the champion once again. The "dagger in mens smiles" means to be betrayed and thats exactly what happened to Shawn Michaels.
<- Shawn Michaels after being "pinned" by John